onsdag 17 oktober 2012

ALT in the news

Sometimes I find hidden treasures when looking at Swedish television. Alice Lund Textilier has made interior textiles since the 1930s for different environments all over Sweden and the world. And on occasion some of these textiles make it on to the news. Here are two examples;

Olle Nyman is a famous Swedish artist who amongst many other things designed textile art. In the background of the interview below you can see a damask weave designed by Olle Nyman in the 1960s. It is called "Droppar" (dripps).

Skärmdump från kulturnyheterna 21/9 2012, SVT
Many of Olle Nymans textiles were woven at Alice Lund Textilier and today we still have a length of this fabric in the archives. The fabric was designed as a suggestion for a new curtain for the National theatre "Dramaten" in Stockholm in 1962, but it was never carried out. Where it ended up instead I am not sure.

Olle Nyman "Droppar" 1962
Photo: Alice Lund Textilier AB
 Another curtain I found recently on the news was at the ABF-house in Stockholm. The house was built in the early 1960s and of course Alice Lund got the commission to do the interior of textiles. Here one can see the large curtain in red and black on the left hand side.

Presskonferans med Scibbaye och Persson 14/9 2012
Skärmdump från SVT
Here are another picture of the room from ABF's homepage.

ABF huset på Sveavägen i Stockholm
Photo: www.abf.se
And here are some earlier pictures from Alice Lund Textilier's archives. One can see that they have changed the chairs over the years.

ABF huset 1960-tal, inredning av Alice Lund Textilier
Photo: Alice Lund Textilier AB
 Here is another part of the house.
Interior from the ABF house in Stockholm, 1960s.
Photo: Alice Lund Textilier AB

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