fredag 2 november 2012

In the archives...

The blog has been a bit neglected these past days. I have started my research project about the textile artist Sofia Widén. Right now I am going through several binders of articles from the 1950s about her and her studio "Sofia Widén Textilier". An estimation is that it is about 600 pages filled with articles - so there is a lot to read. The texts vary a lot, from a short text about a new chasuble for a church made by Sofia Widén to a review of an exhibition in which her textiles is presented. Here is some examples;

The top articles shows newly designed chasubles for two churches in Sweden. The bottom talks of a damask cloth designed by Sofia Widén that has been sent to all of the Swedish embassies around the world.
Articles about Sofia Widén, 1956
Material belongs to Alice Lund Textilier's archive

This article, from 1959, is about an exhibition of Swedish design in Holland. The picture is of an appliqué piece by Sofia Widén.

Articles about Sofia Widén, 1959Material belongs to Alice Lund Textilier's archive

Here is one of the few pictures in colour, from 1960. The article doesn´t talk about the appliqué piece by Sofia Widén in the background, but instead the outfit that the women in front is wearing. Although I hadn´t seen the piece, which is called "Riddar Skrammel", before in colour so that was very interesting.

Articles about Sofia Widén, 1960
Material belongs to Alice Lund Textilier's archive
This is what "Riddar Skrammel" looks like in black and white.

Sofia Widén's "Riddar Skrammel", in appliqué technique
Photo: Alice Lund Textilier AB

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  1. Vilka intressanta artiklar, klädsen på kvinnan är som vi såg ut på 60-talet, håhåjaja!
    Hoppas Du hann Ditt beting idag.
    Häls. inger