tisdag 19 februari 2013

In memoriam: Kaisa Melanton

Late last year one of Sweden's most prominent textile artists passed away, 92 years old. Kaisa Melanton is one of my personal favorite textile artists. She had a large exhibition at Waldemarsudde in 2007. That exhibition is truly one of the reasons why I decided to fully dedicate my time and heart to textile art and handweaving. The combination of her wonderful art in relation to the beautiful surroundings at Waldemarsudde made a real impression on me. It made me realized just what potential textile art has as a form of expression. From her monumental triptych "Liten Tuva" to her delicate embroidery "Sällsam Samvaro" - the range of her artistry extends far.

I can't help but to wonder who will shoulder Kaisa Melaton's legacy (as well as all of the other great textile artists of the 20th century) and keep on pushing the boundaries of hand weaving and textile art. As it appears now the position is open for a few more. But thank god we still have great textile artist such as Helena Hernmarck and Annika Ekdahl to lead the way.

Kaisa Melaton "Liten Tuva", at Waldemarsudde 2007
Photo: Frida Lindberg

Kaisa Melaton "Fyra deppiga fruntimmer", at Waldemarsudde 2007
Photo: Frida Lindberg

Kaisa Melanton "Sällsam samvaro", at Waldemarssude 2007
Photo: Frida Lindberg
In conjunction with the exhibition a book about Kaisa Melaton was released which I think is still available to buy online. And I also found a short film from Designarkiv.se with an interview with Kaisa Melanton which you can see here.
Book about Kaisa Melanton, 2007

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  1. Vilka härliga textila konstverk!
    Var kan man se dem idag?
    Det är som jag sagt förrut, fantasi och tid kan ta en till oanade "höjder".