torsdag 24 april 2014

Helena Hernmarck's "Passing Fall"

We had a wonderful time at the preview of Passing Fall last week. There was a lot of people and a great atmosphere. I talked to so many people that I forgot to take pictures, luckely we had a photographer taking pictures of the tapestry and the rug before everyone came. And today I got the pictures! So here is the first official picture of Helena Hernmarck's latest tapestry "Passing Fall", woven by Ebba Bergström and Tova Vibrant at Alice Lund Textilier's studio. Size 2,75m x 1,75m.

Helena Hernmarck's "Passing Fall" woven by Ebba Bergström and Tova Vibrant
Photo: Lars Dahlström

And the tapestry with Ebba, me, Helena and Tova!

Ebba, Frida, Helena and Tova in front of "Passing Fall" at Alice Lund Textilier
Photo: Lars Dahlström

2 kommentarer:

  1. Härlig bild!
    Lyckligtvis så var jag där !

  2. This is stunning! Thank you so much for posting photos. I love it.