fredag 13 juni 2014


This year a weaving student, Ikumi, from Sätergläntan has had the opportunity to do a project in collaboration with Alice Lund Textilier. In the archives at the studio there is a lot of wonderful original designs from the textile artist Alice Lund. Ikumi's task was to choose one of a selection of rug designs by Alice Lund. Then she was to make an interpretation of the design and weave a flat weave rug. It was not an easy task to take on! There were several technical challenges with the pattern as well as the interpretation of the colors. This is the beautiful result. Thank you Ikumi for your work! 

Ikumi with the flat weave rug inspired by an Alice Lund design.
Photo: Alice Lund Textilier AB
And this is the original design by Alice Lund.

Design for rug by Alice Lund, Alice Lund Textilier AB
Copyright: Alice Lund Textilier AB

2 kommentarer:

  1. Intressant att hon gjorde kryssen så stora!
    Har ni någon bild på den ursprungliga mattan uppvävd?
    en nyfiken !

  2. Mycket fin och tidstypisk tolkning av den ursprungliga skissen.