onsdag 20 augusti 2014

Back to work...

After a long vacation we have opened the studio again. This summer has been great, nice weather and I've had several weeks off. That makes it even more fun to get back to work - rested and ready for everything this fall has to bring. At it is quite a lot... For instance there will be a big hand weaving fair in Umeå in September, VÄV2014. And in November Alice Lund Textilier will have an exhibition on rugs in Borlänge Biblioteks Konsthall. And of course there is some interesting things going on in the looms as well... Right now we are making a sample weave, trying out the right colours for a flatweave rug designed by Alice Lund. We will start the weaving on that later this fall. Here is the sample in the loom;

Sample weaving at Alice Lund Textilier
Photo: Alice Lund Textilier AB

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  1. Roligt att Du är tillbaka. Har just börjat väva efter denna varma sommar och det känns så bra! Häls. Berit