torsdag 30 oktober 2014

Thinking about rugs

Since our exhibition about Alice Lund Textilier's rugs is opening in a week I have been thinking a lot about rugs. And most of all the amazing treasure of patterns that we have in our archive. It seems I am not alone in taking an interest in Scandinavian rugs. A couple of weeks ago Bukowskis had their modern auction. There was a lot of interesting Swedish rugs being sold, primarely from Märta Måås Fjetterström but also from Agda Österberg and Sigvar Bernadotte. The interest from the collector's was high and most of the rugs went for double or triple the estimated price. It is great to see that the interest for high quality rugs is growing. That means that these artworks will be appreciated and taken care of for many more years. Here are some examples from the auction. You can see all of the rugs here.

Rug "Wahlund" by Agda Österberg 1958
Rug "Blåbär, mörk" by Barbro Nilsson for ABMMF

Rug "Salerno blå" by Barbro Nilsson for ABMMF

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  1. Mattor, det är något särskilt med de....
    Man får ett visst "habegär" !