torsdag 4 juni 2015

Thank you Fornby!

Today I got an unexpected call from Kicki and Kajsa, teacher's at Fornby Folkhögskola. Well it is not unexpected that Kicki would call, the school has a lot of courses in weaving and sewing and is almost a neighbor to Alice Lund Textilier. But the reason was a happy surprise. They had found an old rug and a tapestry from Alice Lund that belonged to the school and had now almost been forgotten. So they thought it'd be better if I would adopt them so they would have a better home. I was of course more than happy to say yes to that! The very beginning of Alice Lund Textilier's history actually starts at Fornby school. Alice Lund's sister in law Karin Lund was a weaving teacher there in the 1920's and 1930's. She started her own company designing and selling textiles in the early 1930's and in 1934 Alice Lund joined her in her venture. That was the starting point of what is still our atelier today! So in that regard I was extra joyful that these textiles has now come back to their beginnings.

The rug is a the classic rosepath rug "Hästtäcket" and the tapestry is probably from the mid 1970's. I found the original design in our archives which names it "Ackord". It also looks very much in color like the tapestry from 1969 that I bought just a couple of months ago.

So I can not thank Kicki, Kajsa and Fornby enough for giving these textiles a new home!

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  1. Är det Dagmar Loden som är konstnären bakom bindväven?

  2. Vi är flera som gratulerar till gåvan från Fornby !