söndag 14 juni 2015


It is a weavolution happening! This summer the art gallery MEKEN is showing contemporary woven textile art in collaboration with Alice Lund Textilier. There are many interesting textile artist and ateliers in the exhibition; Helena Hernmarck, Annika Ekdahl, Barbro Lomakka, Kazuyo Nomura, My Draiby, Maria Ray Johansson, Rosengångsvävarna, Handarbetets Vänner, Wålstedts and of course Alice Lund Textilier. There will also be an opportunity to try weaving every Wednesday when Riksföreningen för handvävning is showing how a loom works. I am very much looking forward to this exhibition. Hopefully we can show that hand weaving and textile art is very much an art form to be reckoned with today and in the future. 

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